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Garlic & Cheese Beef Truffles

Wallys seasoned Beef Mince shaped into a cup and deep filled with Cheese Garlic Sauce, Smoked Bacon and Red Onion topped with a Garlic Butter Floret.


Pork & Mushroom Croquettes

Our Seasoned Pork Mince (With Apple) shaped by hand and filled with A creamy Mushroom Sauce.

pork croquettes

Beef Croquettes

Wallys Special Recipe Seasoned Mince shaped by hand and filled with either Creamy Peppercorn Sauce or A creamy Mushroom Sauce


Stuffed Pork Loin – Pink Lady & Cranberry Stuffing.

Cheshire Pork Loin, boned out in the shop and stuffed with our Pink Lady Apple & Cranberry Stuffing, perfect crackling every time!

stuffed pork

Cantonese Style Pork Fillets.

Simply place the container in the oven and cook for 25 mins, the dark sauce melts around the Pork, extremely tasty dish!


Stir N Fries

We pride ourselves in high quality homemade stir n fries. Always changing, a quick and easy meal. Choose from “New” Thai and Lemon Grass Chicken, Kung Po Chicken, Kung Po Pork, Chicken & Black Bean, Beef & Black Bean, Chicken Lemon & Coriander, Chicken Sweet Chilli & Pineapple.

stirfry 2