Meet the Team

Wallace "Wally" Dutton

Wally first came to the village in 1971, he can tell you almost everything about the village!

What he does not know he can find out! He terms the shop "the hub of the village"! where friends meet new and old!


Andrew "The Badger" Brittleton.

Andy joined the team in 2002 and has proved himself to be a well liked character around the village, always looking to be cheeky and never misses a trick!

He is responsible for the day to day running of the shop and can nearly always be found in the middle of the shop trimming and preparing the meat for sale.


Perry "Terry" Davenport

Perry joined the team in 2005. He has been around the shop for a long time though! He first joined the team some 22 years ago as a washing up lad!

He learned his trade with Wally and has become good all rounder! (Apart from his singing which can be heard daily)


Andy "Diggory" Owen

Andy or "Dig" as the nick name has stuck joined the team in 2004.

He can seen in the shop and is responsible for the house keeping!






John "Webby" Webb

John is the longest serving member of staff, he has some 20 years been working for Wally, and you probably have never seen him!

John works in the "engine room" de-boning meat and producing the sausages!





                             Shaun "hobbit" Page

Shaun a local lad is the newest full time member of our team and is the baby of the group!

All though he is new he has been around the shop for 7 years! He is the one ho has probably made all your burgers! He has recently finished Northampton Univericity where he completed a degree in Marketing!